Our Studio Policys

Demon Wire Studios Community Policy
Policy A: Basic Rules & Terms:
  • You must realistically roleplay at all times. Fail-RolePlay (FailRP), Random Deathmatches (RDM), Vehicle Deathmatches (VDM), Meta-Gaming, Noclipping, Teleporting, Godmode, Invisibility and/or any type of so-called “trolling” will not be tolerated.
  • Do NOT copbait, meaning bait any Law Enforcement Officers; for example, do NOT try to intentionally get a Traffic Stop performed on you.
  • Do NOT interfere with anything that you are not a part of.
  • Do NOT roleplay as anything/anyone that contains sexism, racism, terrorism, etc.;
  • Do NOT use power boosts, torque boosts or ANY other type of speed boosts; It will be treated as FailRP and will contain disciplinary actions.
  • Do NOT use armored or weaponized vehicles, flares, snipers, explosive ammunition or explosive weapons without permission. This will be dealt with immediately.
  • Bounty Hunting and Hitman RP is prohibited.
  • You are NOT to be roleplaying as an animal unless there is active game warden.
  • You are NOT to be flying or boating unless you have the permission to do so.
  • During a priority in progress, priority on hold or priority cooldown, you are NOT to be starting another priority. For example but not limited to; Not pulling over for police, robbing a bank, shooting guns, killing people and so on.
  • ALL members who have applied MUST be in the Discord Server. If not, it will result in disciplinary actions.
  • Respect and treat everyone EQUALLY. This means treat and respect both members and the staff team how you would like to be treated. This doesn't mean that you can claim you don't care how you are treated, we go by common sense and courtesy.
  • Do NOT Mini Mod, if you have an issue with someone you can report the person, do not handle it yourself.
  • Impersonation of anyone/anything is PROHIBITED and will not be tolerated. If you would like to be a community officer (public cop) read #faq (Frequently Asked Questions) on the Discord server.
  • If you are a whitelisted member on our whitelist server duel clanning is PROHIBITED. This may be lifted in the future, but you are NOT to be on any other FiveM Roleplay Community while on this one.
  • If you discover a bug, do NOT abuse it as you will be severely punished. Instead, please file a bug report on the forums so we can fix it as soon as possible.
  • We Strictly follow the Discord TOS and Guidelines! if you are found breaking either of these, you will be BANNED without notice!

Policy B: Vehicle Permissions
  • Do NOT drive vehicles that are not assigned to you. Law Enforcement Officers have a list of vehicles that they should be driving. Follow the vehicle roster assigned to your department. Unmarked Vehicles are reserved for Command Staff of a Department and/or Server Administration.
  • Staff Vehicles are reserved for ON-DUTY SERVER STAFF.
  • Vehicles are reserved for COMMUNITY DIRECTORS ONLY.
  • Command Staff, Supervisors, and/or Administration are the only people allowed to tell members what they can and cannot drive.
  • As a civilian you are NOT allowed to steal nor drive emergency vehicles.

Policy C: Chain of Command (CoC)
  • Every member of Demon Wire Studios MUST follow the Chain of Command/Ranks at ALL TIMES, you can find the staff Chain of Command in #general on the server.
  • Everyone will start from the bottom and may be promoted to any position there is needed if you meet the requirements.
  • Do NOT skip ranks.
  • Do NOT ask for ranks.
  • Directors/Head Administration have final say.

Policy D: Undesirable Sounds/Music
  • Playing any sounds or music is PROHIBITED in any channel.
  • Could result in
    • Suspension
    • Demotion
    • Ban

Policy E: Respect Administration and Their Decisions
  • Do NOT ask for promotions.
  • Do NOT question decisions made by Administration.
  • Do NOT lie to the Administration Team.
  • You MUST be at least 16 years of age to apply for Staff.

Policy F: Privacy and Security
  • It is OPTIONAL to share personal information with other members such as race, sex, sexual orientation, financial status etc.
  • Do NOT spread rumors about anyone.
  • In applications, you MUST provide the correct name, age, and email.
    • This will be treated as lying to Administration and will result in a permanent ban.

Policy G: Channels
  • Some text channels on the Discord server have their own rules so make sure to read the pinned messages.
  • Do NOT spam or micspam in any text or voice channels.
  • Do NOT make any racial slurs in any text or voice channels.
  • Do NOT advertise anything in any text or voice channels.
  • Do NOT slander anyone in any text or voice channels.
  • Do NOT play any sounds or music in any channel.
  • Push-to-talk is required in all RTO (Radio Traffic Only) Channels.
  • In RTO: Do not bypass a Signal 100 (Hold All Emergency Traffic).
  • Do NOT report players in the standard text chat ingame or discord channels; use /report to report a player and it will be taken care of. You can also file a player report on the forums.
  • Do NOT argue in text channels
  • Do NOT try to interfere or get involved in any arguments in channels; Doing so will also get you punished.

Policy H: Miscellaneous
  • Do NOT purchase any merchandise of some sort that portrays a Demon Wire Studios Logo unless approved and/or promoted by Head Administration.
  • Do NOT create any discord servers regarding Demon Wire StudiosRP, unless approved by the founder.
    • For example another Discord Server for a department/subdivision.
  • Do NOT send a virus or anything that will track anyone’s Internet Protocol (IP).
  • Do NOT distribute or plagiarize any documents created or made by Head Administration.
  • Do NOT tell anyone what do unless you are a supervisor of a department and/or Server Administrator.
  • Maturity must be used at ALL TIMES even when a Server Administrator is not in channel.
  • All Rules and Regulations in the document are understood but not limited to.
  • The Community Policy & Terms must be followed at all times.
    • All Members of Demon Wire Studios must read the Policy.